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Can it get any worse than this? Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries

5 Jan

See full story on Fox 2 Detroit Here:  Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries.


Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries: MyFoxDETROIT.com


Seriously, can it get any worse that this?  I think it will get worse.  Most of you know that unemployment is a major problem in Michigan and on top of that some people have exhausted their unemployment benefits.  So, if there are no jobs and no unemployment benefits then what are people expected to do to survive?  More importantly how are the rest of us going to survive? 

Here are some safety tips:

1.  Look around as you enter and exit your home.  Be suspicious of anyone who is looking back at you or sitting in a car.

2.  Confirm the identity of a stranger prior to opening your door.

3.  If you are approached by someone who makes you uncomfortable and you have something in your hand then drop it and run.  The added weight could slow you down.

Fighting Back

17 Jun

 Women on Detroit’s east side are living in fear because of the unsolved murders of 8 women within the last couple of weeks.   See Full Story Here:  East Side Detroit Neighborhood Fighting Back after 8 Killed

I plan to meet with the City Airport Renaissance Association on Monday to map out a plan to prevent more women from being victims of crime.  In the meantime I would like to offer the following advice:

1.  Be aware of your surroundings.  This sounds like very basic advice but the truth is that a lot of people fail to do this, especially in the summer time.  When the weather is nice our moods are lifted and we get careless.  We assume that everyone is out to have a good time, but this is mistake on our part. We must always be on guard.

2.  Avoid distractions.  There are a lot of things that could distract us from paying attention to our surroundings but cell phones are biggest distraction.  Avoid talking on the phone when you are walking to and from destinations.

3.  If you don’t have a car please travel in groups or at least with one other person. 

I have to say that these tips may not work in every situation.  If someone grabs you and tries to drag you somewhere then my advice is to scream and FIGHT for your life.  You should know that fighting could make the attacker angry but it may deter them from making you their victim.


Police Issue Warnings after Robberies

19 Mar

For full story click here:  http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/22882786/detail.html/

For more tips see my article:  Are you making yourself a target for a home invasion? 

I always seek to teach people how to come up with their own safety tips.  So here are some key points that you should notice about this robber, which are covered in more detail in The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide to Safety.

1.  Residents reported seeing a suspicious man driving around the neighborhood.    You should always be on the look out for people that are sitting around in cars or trucks outside of you home.

2.  The suspect knocked on the door repeatedly before the home owner opened the door.  I would suggest that you NOT open the door before confirming the identity of the person knocking.  Speak to them through the door until you are comfortable.

3.  These criminals are usually looking to rob you home when you aren’t there, so try to change your schedule as much as possible.

Get The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide to Safety:  www.thebusywomanspocketguide.com

Are you making yourself a target for a home invasion?

28 Jan

This article is based on the news story seen here:  http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/22357046/detail.html?treets=det&tid=26511631599813&tml=det_12pm&tmi=det_12pm_1_10500101282010&ts=H/

This story is about a woman who was followed home from her job and then her home was broken into while she and her children where there.   I like how this woman reacted:

1.  When she noticed the van parked outside of her home she called the police.  Whenever you see something suspicious never second guess yourself, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2.  When she heard them breaking in she hid herself and her children.  You should always have a planned hiding place in your home.  Hopefully the hiding place has a door that locks from the inside.

3.  Don’t leave the hiding place until the police arrive.

Could you be a target for a home invasion?
Here are some tips on how to avoid being a target:

1.  Try to change your schedule as much as possible.  Burglars usually watch a house for a couple of weeks to establish a schedule.

2.  When you make a major purchase, such as an appliance or technology (TV, Computer, etc), shred the boxes and put them in a dark plastic bag.  You don’t want to advertise your new products.

3.  When you have to let strangers in your home for maintenance/repairs always keep your financial papers hidden out of sight.  If you have to pay someone then make sure you have enough in your hands to pay them once they are finished without having to go to another part of the house to get it.  You don’t want them to think you keep a lot of money in your home.

These tips and many others can be found in the book, The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide to Safety.  www.thebusywomanspocketguide.com