Can it get any worse than this? Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries

5 Jan

See full story on Fox 2 Detroit Here:  Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries.

Detroit Man Shot, Robbed of Groceries:


Seriously, can it get any worse that this?  I think it will get worse.  Most of you know that unemployment is a major problem in Michigan and on top of that some people have exhausted their unemployment benefits.  So, if there are no jobs and no unemployment benefits then what are people expected to do to survive?  More importantly how are the rest of us going to survive? 

Here are some safety tips:

1.  Look around as you enter and exit your home.  Be suspicious of anyone who is looking back at you or sitting in a car.

2.  Confirm the identity of a stranger prior to opening your door.

3.  If you are approached by someone who makes you uncomfortable and you have something in your hand then drop it and run.  The added weight could slow you down.

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